Your antioxidant level is good

Your diet and style of life appear to be well-balanced.

Increasing your antioxidant supplies further is still useful. Even though the antioxidants in your body are already really well prepared for protecting your body against free radicals, there might still be room for improvement. Adding more ingredients to your meals that are rich in antioxidants may help you to accomplish this goal. Keep in mind that also physical activity and relaxation techniques can make positive impact.

If your results are not improving beyond this level, despite all your efforts, this might be due to your individual metabolism. Try switching to other types of antioxidant-rich food to see if your body makes use of them more efficiently. Other good options to support your efforts are superfoods, high-quality supplements, and smoothies with selected ingredients.

Do not feel concerned if your antioxidant level does not rise. You are already on a high level. Give your body some time to adjust to the dietary changes you make, and you will observe steady but potentially very slow progress.