Your antioxidant level is below average

Eating sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables every day will ensure a sufficient supply of antioxidants. However, stress has a bad impact on your antioxidant level, so best to avoid it whenever possible.

Try to explore the large variety of fruits and vegetables. Since metabolism and uptake of antioxidants vary from person to person, it depends on you which fruits and vegetables ar best for you. In case that you are already consuming food rich in antioxidants, you should increase your efforts to achieve higher levels. Additional superfoods and supplements may also have a beneficial effect.

Keep in mind that your antioxidant levels will continue rising slowly as you improve your diet. Do not expect a sudden change, as your body needs time to adjust. Switching to poor quality food may, however, result in a steep decrease of your levels, as your body uses up ist antioxidant supplies fast.